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Oral Health and Wellness Tips

  • Bleeding gums could be a sign of bacterial infection and inflammation, gum disease that can contribute to systemic problems in a future

  • Dry mouth syndrome leads to more plaque and caries

  • Bad breath remedies are: treatment of caries, periodontal treatment and management of sulfur-producing bacteria odor

  • Periodontal (gum and bone) disease is bacteria growing around the teeth, causing inflammation and infection in the body. It can cause premature loss of teeth, exposed roots, bad breath, sensitivity, bleeding, bone loss, swelling and pain. Learn the difference between a “regular” cleaning, root planning and periodontal maintenance. Mouth is the first indicator of various illnesses. The condition of the gums and teeth are directly related to illnesses and conditions in the rest of the body

  • What causes tooth sensitivity? Leaking fillings, cracked tooth, improper forces of occlusal distribution, exposed roots and gum recession, grinding/gritting teeth

  • Side effects of amalgam fillings: possible toxicity of mercury, metallic taste, tooth deterioration under the fillings leading to compromised health

  • Why would you need a crown or veneer?  If a tooth has cracked enamel, extensive decay, to replace a part of a diseased tooth with ideal form and function, defective filling.  A crown will replace damaged part of a tooth.  Crowns are also used for cosmetic improvements in appearance.  Don’t settle for just any crown; learn the benefits of high nobel crowns.  Learn about new generation of metal-free crowns.  Why do crowns fail: improperly fabricated and/ or maintained crown could be a source of periodontal disease?  Crowns can also help protect the remaining natural tooth structure left from further damage

  • Implant is a metal post that is screwed into a bone (a jaw). A crown is placed on the implant. It replaces a missing tooth. It is stronger than natural teeth, adding stability and patient comfort and can last up to 20 years. The implants are favored since they provide ample support for removable bridge work, dentures and partials

  • What causes toothaches? Deep decay, exposed or abscess roots


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